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Flyknit Shoes Making Machine

Flyknit Shoes Making Machine

The Flyknit Shoes Making Machine type is single carriage with triple systems. Full motor 5.2-inch ultra-small carriage, motorized transfer cam, rapid return, carriage does not wait when transfer needles, effectively reducing carriage route and course, greatly improving machine stability and efficien......

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Product Description

The Flyknit Shoes Making Machine type is single carriage with triple systems. Full motor 5.2-inch ultra-small carriage, motorized transfer cam, rapid return, carriage does not wait when transfer needles, effectively reducing carriage route and course, greatly improving machine stability and efficiency. The new two-stage stitch, without increasing the number of motors, realizes the independent control of the main and auxiliary stitch. Compared with the dynamic stitch, Flyknit Shoes Making Machine can achieve 1 needle stitch change and a wider density range, so as to meet the higher requirements of different customers for fabrics. The adjustable tight tuck function can meet the tight tuck density and tightness control of the vamp, and enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the vamp. The Sinkers can be crossed, it can realize the function of start knitting without waste yarn and save yarn cost; When it used together with the presser yarn device, it can fill the vamp fuller and thicker.

Product Parameters( Specification ) of the Flyknit Shoes Making Machine

Width36 Inches / 52 Inches / 72 Inches
Knitting systemSingle carriage with double systems / three systems
Knitting speedMax speed 1.6 m/sec
RackingMotor drive, the maximum racking within 2 inches
Needle actuator8 section electronic needle actuator
Sinker systemThe sinker system with independent intellectual property rights is controlled by 6 stepping motor, different sinking pressure ls used based on different knitting methods of fabric for different systems, achieving various shaping and adding.
ProtectionAutomatic stopping device if broken yarn, yarn knot, batching, striking, completion, overload, designated starting and stopping, program error
Yarn forward deviceYam feeder and yarn storage device (optional), accurate control of yarn tension, to ensure the quality of the overall quality of the fabric
Safety deviceThe whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust , the protecting Cover is equipped with stopping sensor, emergency stopping, power off device
Roller devicehigh-order roller , subsection adjustment
Motor connecting rodDriven by motor connecting rod, reversing more accurately
Tight tuckTight hanging triangle is controlled by the motor, to achieve different degrees of tight hanging
Size and weightSize: L×W×H 2600×955×2010/2970×955×2010/3370×955×2010mm Weight:950/1145/1250kg
PowerVoltage: AC 220V/380V Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ Power: 1.5KW

Production Details of the Flyknit Shoes Making Machine

  • Display Screen

    This Flyknit Shoes Making Machine adopts industry LCD displayer with graphic touch control, multi-color, The data of knitting amount, time, speed, roller, density, yarn carrier, etc.

  • Yarn Storage

    The positive yarn provider can effectively reduce the yarn feeding resistance, especially suitable for multi strand low elastic yarn tight stitch woven uppers, let the uppers are smoother, and machine is less needle loss.

  • Servo Motor

    Machine system use CAN communication control servo driver, realize the high-speed operation of the machine carriage, the extremely fast carriage return is stable, and the carriage knitting efficiency is improved by 2%.

  • Stitch Motor

    With dynamic stitch function, using high speed stepping motor, multi-segment stitch function can be achieved in one course.

  • Motorized Inversion Bar

    Stepper motor drive inversion bar, it reduces carriage return distance and improves carriage return accuracy and efficiency.

  • Adjustable Tight Tuck

    Adjustable tight tuck function, according to the actual needs to achieve tight knitting and tight tuck function, reflecting different uppers’ styles.

  • Design of Ultra-small Carriage

    Further optimize the size of the machine carriage, reduce the carriage return distance, and improve the efficiency 5-8%.

  • Design of Motorized CAM

    The motor drive is used instead of electromagnet to control CAM action and effectively detection, which can age caused avoid the mechanical sticking. Needle damage caused by the CAM mechanical sticking.

About Cixing

Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd was founded in 1988. After three decades of reform and opening up, Cixing has always been aiming at promoting industrial development and reforming, as well as creating values for customers. All the way forward, it has developed into a company with a certain scale of intelligent knitting machinery industry.

Cixing has set up a technology research and development headquarters in Europe, and is committed to the development of flat knitting machine technology to be more mature and precise. At the same time, the research and development of knitwear technology will also be based on the European trend center, in order to provide better solutions with excellent performance and higher quality knitwear products for customers.

Cixing Flyknit Shoes Making Machine enjoys a leading position in the industry in terms of market share, market retention, and annual production and sales. It continues to maintain its leading position in the industry and has made positive contributions to promoting the transformation and upgrading of downstream knitting enterprises.

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