DC To AC Inverter

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Ningbo Kosun New Energy Co.,Ltd is a new technology manufacturer and exporter in China which is mainly specialized in researching,developing,manufacturing and marketing of power inverter including modified sine wave type and pure sine wave type,battery charger,inverter with charger,hybrid inverter,power supply,switch power ect. Also,we deal with other related products:solar panel,battery,solar charger controller,solar light ect.

It is established in 2011 with 1000㎡,the business developed very fast during 2013-2015,thus,we expanded the workshop from 1000㎡ to 2000㎡.After the joint efforts of everyone,the performance was improved significantly during 2016-2018. Finally,our board decided to enter medium-high market and promoted more higher quality goods for clients,we built another modern production factory based on automated equipment at the beginning of 2019,in order to perfect the automated production,our company introduces different advanced equipment according to the production needs.

Special Feature of DC to AC Inverter:

LED indicator light show charging status;

Temperature controlled cooling fan;

3-stage battery charging: Bulk charger,Absorption charge,Float charge;

Reverse polarity protection:connect to battery,no harm;not connect to battery,no output;

Short circuit protection;

Over temperature protection;

Battery type selector

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