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Seven Most Practical Suggestions About Puzzle Printing


Nowadays, there are a lot of Puzzle printing companies in the market, and the competition is fierce. Customers often value the price of Puzzle printing, but at the same time, it cannot be ignored that in addition to price, the quality of Puzzle printing is more critical.

1. Generally, in order to make the background color of the batch of Puzzle prints show consistent characteristics, they can be printed on envelopes, so that the ink layer can be more flat and uniform.

There will be some white spots, which can reflect the real picture effect. And you can also use spot color printing, which can highlight the effect of the picture and improve the overall aesthetics.

2. When choosing the color tone, it is recommended to choose a color that is consistent and consistent with the theme and content of the Puzzle. Try to ensure that the printed color is consistent with the original color, which can improve the effect of album printing.

3. Whether the image printed by Puzzle has a good resolution is very critical, which is also to better ensure that the product can be better promoted.

4. Whether the binding of Puzzle printing is reasonable and in place is also a very critical link. I believe that if these two steps are done properly, the quality of Puzzle printed products will be further improved.

5. In color printing, it is necessary to refer to the percentage of CMYK color spectrum to determine the color filling. (The CMYK color spectrum produced by different printing manufacturers is affected by the paper, ink type, printing pressure and other factors, and there will be differences in the same color block.)

6. Remind customers that the same document will have different colors when it is printed in different times, and it is normal for the color difference to be within 10% (due to the difference in ink volume control each time). But printing should be as close as possible.

7. In color printing, please try to avoid using a combination of dark colors or full-page colors for the color matching of color blocks, otherwise cutting after printing will easily cause back printing.

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