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Computerized flat knitting machine maintenance and operation instructions


In order to ensure that the computerized flat knitting machine is always in good working condition, reduce wear and tear, prolong the service life of the computerized flat knitting machine, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and ensure safe production, it is necessary to provide a good working environment for it through maintenance.

The maintenance of computer flat knitting machine mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Wipe off the oil on the needle bed every day, and use compressed air to clean the inside and outside of the needle groove and the cotton dust at the tooth mouth;

2. Timely clean up the needle bed, machine needle, sinker, yarn feeder, yarn feeder guide rail, periphery of machine head, brush, yarn holder, yarn creel and around the machine; adjust the cleaning times appropriately according to different working conditions ;3. Lubricate the stitches, needle selection, yarn feeder guide rail, machine head guide rail and all moving parts in each shift; keep all parts lubricated, and adjust the refueling times appropriately according to different working conditions;

4. The wool yarn must be reversed before it can be used to make goods on the machine. Try not to adjust the density and speed to the limit of the flat knitting machine;

5. When making goods, the yarn must pass through the yarn feeder (yarn storage device), otherwise the machine will take too much effort to eat the yarn, which will cause grinding needles and other situations, which will damage the machine;

6. If the mid-range lathe workers have long hair, they should be coiled up to prevent the long hair from being caught by the machine head;

7. Regularly add lubricating oil to the parts that need to be lubricated;

8. The air machine used for cleaning needs to be drained once a day to ensure that the compressed air is dry;

9. Do not shut down for a long time, do not turn on and off the machine normally, which will speed up the service life of electrical components: 10. For temporarily unused machines, some parts need to be filled with anti-rust oil and covered with oil cloth or oil paper;

11. Use the computerized flat knitting machine according to the specifications. This is the best maintenance.

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