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Classification of steering pump


The power steering pump is the power source of the hydraulic power steering system. It uses the engine as the transmission medium to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The steering gear converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through the hydraulic oil output by the oil pump, thereby reducing the driver's operating intensity and improving mobility of the vehicle.

Classification of steering pump

At present, the power steering system can be roughly divided into three categories: mechanical hydraulic power steering system, electrohydraulic power steering system and electric power steering system.

1. Mechanical hydraulic power steering system is generally composed of hydraulic pump, oil pipe, pressure and flow control valve body, V-shaped transmission belt, oil storage tank and other components.

2. Main components of the electro-hydraulic power steering system: oil storage tank, power steering control unit (check transaction price|participation|preferential policy), electric pump, steering gear, power steering sensor, etc. Among them, the power steering control unit and the electric pump are an integral structure.

3. The electric power steering system uses the power generated by the motor to assist the driver in power steering. The composition of EPS, although the structural composition of different cars is different, they are generally the same. It generally consists of a torque (steering) sensor, an electronic control unit, a motor, a reducer, a mechanical steering gear and a battery power supply.

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