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3 Definition of Phase Solar Inverter


The three-phase inverter means that the converted AC voltage is three-phase, that is, AC380V. The three-phase power is composed of three AC potentials with the same frequency, equal amplitude, and 120° phase difference.

3 Phase Solar Inverter is defined as a converter that converts DC power into AC power. Its basic principle is SPWM. The hardware architecture is composed of four power modules to form a single-phase and three-phase bridge circuit. The bridge output is connected in series to the load. pass filter element, the control loop has two signal generation

One is a fixed-amplitude triangular wave (modulating wave) generator, and the other is a sine wave generator. Using a triangular wave to modulate a sine wave, a square wave pulse train whose duty cycle changes according to the sine law will be obtained. The modulation ratio is different. , the number of pulse trains in a sine cycle is equal to the frequency of the modulating wave divided by the fundamental frequency). Then use the square wave pulse train to control the above-mentioned bridge circuit, and the sinusoidal voltage and current meeting the requirements are obtained on the output.

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